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Shopping in Macedonia


Macedonia is full of markets and bazaars well worth a visit. The bazaars of Skopje, Tetovo, Ohrid and Bitola are the largest selling anything from dried peppers to fake designer sunglasses. While much of the merchandise may not be worth buying, there is normally a good selection of shoes, fruit, and vegetables of good quality, depending on the season. Merchants are generally pleasant and welcoming, especially to westerners, who remain something of a rarity outside of Skopje and Ohrid.

Ohrid is famous for its pearls and there are dozens of jewellers in the old town that will offer good products at decent prices. The Macedonian Orthodox paintings in old Ohrid are also worth a look.

Shopping hours are generally, Monday-Friday 8 am-8 pm (until 9 pm in summer), Saturday 8 am-3 pm.


Nobody comes to Skopje for the shopping, but if you're here anyway, you might as well enjoy the increasingly improving shoppings scene. Found just east of the old train station (City Museum), Skopje's flower market offers a few kiosks selling flowers and plants for all occasions. Opening times vary from stall to stall, but you are guaranteed to find something open between 8 am and 11 pm every day.

At the far northern end of the Old Bazaar area, you will find Skopje's largest and oldest marketplace, brimming with fruit, vegetables, tabacco, herbs and plenty of Chinese items that falls to pieces the moment you switch it/put it on.

A fine bunch of stalls selling mostly edible products including fresh fruit and vegetables, dried beans, spices, cheese and the usual quota of Chinese rubbish, all of it found in a maze of concrete apartments immediately northeast of the old train station (City Museum). The green market also has a few cafés where you can stop and drink a coffee and generally watch the world go by.

For a mall experience, head to Ramstore Mall at Mito Hadzivasilev Jasmin bb. Besides shops, there's a cinema, pharmacy, dry cleaners and lots of cafes on-site. Bunjakovec is one of the malls where everybody can find something to buy. It is located in one of the busiest thoroughfares in Skopje. In includes many shops and boutiques. The City Gallery is a new shopping centre in Skopje with lots of high quality fashion stores and very interesting structure.





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