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Food & Dining in Macedonia


Typical Macedonian food resembles the food of the southern Balkans, meaning loads of grilled meat (known as skara). Side dishes usually have to be ordered separately. Macedonia is also famous for its shopska salata a mixed salad of cucumbers, tomatoes, and grated sirenje. Sirenje is a white cheese similar to feta cheese. Usually Macedonians will translate the English cheese to sirenje. Another local speciality is ajvar, a red paste made from roasted peppers and tomatoes, which is either used as an appetiser or side dish. Another typical local dish is tarator which is comparable to the Greek tzatziki. It is made of yogurt, cucumbers, and garlic and it is served as a cold soup.

Macedonia, being landlocked, does not offer a great variety of fresh fish. A notable exception is Ohrid, where fresh fish from the local lake can be enjoyed. If you have no objections to eating endangered species, the Ohrid trout is a local delicacy.

The best food is in restaurants rather than at hotel eateries, and a good choice is to order a range of dishes so everyone at the table can sample a variety of options. There are separate smoking and smoke-free sections in restaurants and bars, with larger smoke-free sections becoming more prevalent.


The restaurants in Skopje are plentiful, pleasant and inexpensive. Those in the hotels are usually higher priced than the ones scattered throughout the city. Skopje’s eateries are almost beyond number, and offer a diverse range of local and international flavours. International cuisine is well represented in Skopje with Chinese, Italian, Indian, Greek, Mexican, Middle Eastern and French restaurants all found within the city centre. In addition, pizza and fast food places abound, as do small bakery cafes selling pastries such as the ubiquitous burek (a flaky filo pie stuffed with meat, cheese or spinach).

Most Macedonian restaurants offer traditional food, grilled meats, salads and French fries. There are a lot of Macedonian fast food places in Skopje – mostly franchise-type kiosks on the streets that offer the popular kebabs, grilled sausage with or without a bun, grilled chicken sandwiches or hamburgers. Pubs along with restaurants provide good food, picturesque interiors, and dinner music.





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