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Driving in Macedonia (Domestic Help)

The main roads and highways in Macedonia are good and one can get almost any place in the country within a few hours. Unfortunately, due to the increased number of heavy trucks and military traffic related to the Kosovo crisis in recent years, potholes are becoming more prevalent. Generally roads are well maintained in the winter. The road signs are like those found elsewhere in Europe. The speed limit in towns is usually between 40 to 60 km per hour. Right-of-way exists for cars coming from the right and at traffic circles.

Be sure your tires are in good condition. Especially in spring and autumn, weather in the mountains (Ohrid, Bitola) can differ significantly from the weather in the area you're coming from. You shall be aware, that even if the roads are bad, there is a toll charge which can be as much as €1,50.

Macedonian law requires all drivers to have an An International Driving Permit (IDP). The licence must be renewed annually.

Most young people over age 18 in Macedonia hold a driving licence. A driving licence is not difficult or expensive to obtain.

The steps involved in obtaining a driving licence in Macedonia include:

• theoretical test;
• driving lessons;
• practical test;
• fees.

Applicants typically take formal driving lessons and practice driving using their parents’ car; most cars have manual transmissions.





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